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 Sunday Services: 10:30 AM A Unitarian Universalist Congregation A Welcoming Congregation 

Meditation Group meets every Sunday before services at 9:30 AM. All are welcome.


SUNDAY, June 2, 10:30 AM – “Ramadan, The Holiest Month”

Ramadan is a month long Muslim observance marked by fasting and prayer. It is one of the pillars of the religion of Islam. What is the point of abstaining from earthly pleasures during this time?  What can we learn from this religious rite practiced by over one billion people? Come and learn with us!


SUNDAY, June 9, 10:30 AM - “Healing Wounds And Righting Wrongs”

Not all wounds are physical and not all wrongs can be righted by forgiveness.  Sometimes we are called upon to try to restore wholeness and health. When and how do we do this? Jesus performed miracles. What do Unitarian Universalists do?


SUNDAY, June 16, 10:30 AM – “Appreciation For Men”

There has been a lot of press lately about certain men and the bad things they have done. What about the good men? What about
the helpful, loving, and kind things that they do? What about the caring men who parent kids and coach teams and teach students of all ages! Let’s celebrate the men who help to make the world a better place. Come and tell a story about a man you admire.


SUNDAY, June 23, 10:30 AM – “Sunday Service And Picnic At Fox Trot Farm”

We will meet this morning at the Silver’s little farm in Dexter (1677 North Dancer Road) at 11 AM for a short worship service. Then we’ll gather for our annual barbeque and picnic. Don’t miss this opportunity to have some fun, play some games and meet some very sweet horses! Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share. Hot dogs, hamburgers, bean burgers, and soft drinks will be provided. Dogs are welcome!


SUNDAY, June 30 – No Sunday Service because of the holiday weekend.