New  Hope
 Sunday Services: 10:30 AM A Unitarian Universalist Congregation A Welcoming Congregation 

Meditation Group meets every Sunday before services at 9:30 AM. All are welcome.


SUNDAY, JULY 1, 10:30 AM - No Service

Enjoy the Holiday!


SUNDAY, JULY 8, 10:30 AM - “Waiting for YOU to Volunteer!”

New Hope is still looking for an intrepid and dedicated member to lead this Sunday service. The possibilities are endless. You could play a game, watch a movie or TED Talk, go for a walk, visit the park, go out for coffee, tea and scones, or lay in the backyard and find animals in the clouds. You don’t need to have anything, except the willingness to get to know your New Hope friends better. There is a book in the pulpit with instructions if you want to go the traditional route. Deb has written up how to show a video on the new TV. Please let Kathy Silver know if you are willing to help. You could do it with a friend or two!!


SUNDAY, JULY 15, 10:30 AM - “What is a Safe Church Policy and How Do We Get One?”

New Hope Board Secretary Sue Myers will lead a discussion on what it means to be a safe church. What problems should we plan for? Where do we hide during a tornado warning? Should we hold fire drills? What should we do if a person appears unstable or mentally ill during a service? There are Unitarian Universalist Association Guidelines to help us figure it out. Come and be part of the solution!


SUNDAY, JULY 22, 10:30 AM – “Some Thoughts About Yoga”

Our very own newly graduated yoga teacher, Kathy Zaenger, has offered to share some of her insights and experiences with Yoga. Kathy has traveled with and learned from great instructors. Yoga is practice that can offer many benefits to all of us, from physical stamina to spiritual guidance to mental strength. Come and join in a service that will be good for everyone!


SUNDAY, JULY 29, 10:00 AM – “A Visit to the DIA”

Jack Schneider will lead a visit to the Detroit Institute Of Art, where there is a wonderful new Star Wars exhibit and an homage to baseball featuring some very old baseball cards and other artifacts. New Hopers will carpool from our parking lot at 10 am. Plan on gathering for lunch at the museum restaurant. Send a note to Jack or RSVP to the New Hope Google Groups Invitation if you’d like to attend. Hope to see you there.