New  Hope
 Sunday Services: 10:30 AM A Unitarian Universalist Congregation A Welcoming Congregation 

Meditation Group meets every Sunday before services at 9:30 AM. All are welcome.


SUNDAY, February 3, 10:30 AM – “Gratitude for Gramps”

In Canada, February is Aboriginal Story Telling Month. First Nations sponsor events in the schools, libraries and community centers. At New Hope today, we will tell some of our own stories about our ancestors. Those who came before us gave us gifts of wisdom and knowledge and truth. What did your grandfather or grandmother teach you? Come and share your story!


SUNDAY, February 10, 10:30 AM - “Looking For Love”

Looking at all the commercial hype around Valentine’s Day makes it is easy to believe that this holiday is only about romance and sex appeal. In reality, there are lots of different kinds of love in the world, and we experience many of them throughout our lifetimes. Let’s discuss what love is really all about!


SUNDAY, February 17, 10:30 AM – “Reverend Suzanne Paul Speaks”

On this special morning, the Reverend Suzanne Paul, New Hope’s founding minister, returns to share her stories and her wisdom about Friendship. Though Suzanne retired several years ago, New Hope is always in her heart. We are pleased to welcome her back into our pulpit, as our long-time friend and former leader. Do join us for a wonderful morning!


SUNDAY, February 24, 10:30 AM – “LOSSES and losses”

Sometimes we experience what we think of as a BIG loss and it turns out not to be so difficult after all. Sometimes we loose something that doesn’t really seem significant, until it is gone. Why do we feel this confusion and how do we cope with the reality of it? Being human can be very confusing. What do you think?